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Trees for All

Because we, from CarlijnQ, are very driven to make a positive contribution to the climate, we partnered up with Trees For All to plant our very own forests in Ghana and the Netherlands.

Every year, about 10 billion trees dissapear worldwide. The consequences for people, animals and the climate are catastrophic. This is why we decided to invest in trees.

You can join us!

We will be planting our own forest in the Netherlands, and also in Ghana. Both forests will be managed sustainably, and in ghana there is a collaboration with the local population.

Besides restoring the tropical forests and increasing the habitat for the animals, this will also improve the income of the local farmers. And you can help us! Because with every placed order from €75 you will donate a tree that will be planted in our forests. So you will be helping the climate, protecting the primeval forest, increasing the animal habitat in Ghana and helping the locals there.