Kids Dresses & Skirts

Whether you're looking for a cute and playful skirt or a beautiful dress for a special occasion. Our kids and baby dresses and skirts are designed with your little ones in mind, using soft and sustainable organic cotton to ensure comfort and quality.


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Orange - Ruffled DressOrange - Puffed Sleeves Dress
Orange - Puffed Sleeves Dress Sale price€48,50 EUR
Orange - Oversized T-Shirt DressOrange - Oversized T-Shirt Dress
Orange - Oversized T-Shirt Dress Sale price€37,00 EUR
Orange - Halter DressOrange - Halter Dress
Orange - Halter Dress Sale price€43,00 EUR
Orange - Long Skirt With DrawstringsOrange - Long Skirt
Orange - Long Skirt Sale price€39,00 EUR
Basic - Two Layered Ruffled SkirtBasic - Ruffled Skirt
Basic - Ruffled Skirt Sale price€47,00 EUR
Pin Wheel - Halter DressPin Wheel - Halter Dress
Pin Wheel - Halter Dress Sale price€68,00 EUR
Pin Wheel - Paperbag SkirtPin Wheel - Paperbag Skirt
Pin Wheel - Paperbag Skirt Sale price€44,50 EUR
Pin Wheel - Tanktop DressPin Wheel - Tanktop Dress
Pin Wheel - Tanktop Dress Sale price€45,50 EUR
Pin Wheel - Flared DressPin Wheel - Flared Dress
Pin Wheel - Flared Dress Sale price€68,00 EUR
Stripes Red/Blue - Loose Fit DressStripes Red/Blue - Regular Fit Dress
Stripes Red/Blue - Two Layered Ruffled SkirtStripes Red/Blue - Ruffled skirt
Stripes Red/Blue - Ruffled skirt Sale price€47,00 EUR
Leopard - Halter DressLeopard - Halter Dress
Leopard - Halter Dress Sale price€45,00 EUR
Leopard - Ruffled DressLeopard - Ruffled Dress
Leopard - Ruffled Dress Sale price€49,50 EUR
Leopard - Skirt RuffledLeopard - Skirt Ruffled
Leopard - Skirt Ruffled Sale price€35,50 EUR
Mini Dots - Double Layered Ruffled SkirtMini Dots - Ruffled Skirt
Mini Dots - Ruffled Skirt Sale price€47,00 EUR
Wild Horse - Ruffled Tanktop Dress (Pink)Wild Horse - Ruffled Tanktop Dress
Wild Horse - Ruffled Tanktop Dress Sale price€47,00 EUR
Wild Horse - Two Layered Ruffled Skirt (Pink)Wild Horse - Ruffled Skirt
Wild Horse - Ruffled Skirt Sale price€47,00 EUR
Watermelon - Halter DressWatermelon - Halter Dress
Watermelon - Halter Dress Sale price€59,50 EUR
Watermelon - Paperbag SkirtWatermelon - Paperbag Skirt
Watermelon - Paperbag Skirt Sale price€43,00 EUR
Watermelon - Flared DressWatermelon - Flared Dress
Watermelon - Flared Dress Sale price€51,00 EUR
Watermelon - Tanktop DressWatermelon - Tanktop Dress
Watermelon - Tanktop Dress Sale price€46,00 EUR
Basic - Loose Fit Dress With EmbroideryBasic - Regular Fit Dress With Star Print on Back
Star - Ruffled DressStar - Ruffled Dress
Star - Ruffled Dress Sale price€48,50 EUR
Star - Skirt RuffledStar - Skirt Ruffled
Star - Skirt Ruffled Sale price€35,50 EUR