CQ & Nynstyles

CQ & Nynstyles

Store: Nynstyles

Name: Anne Berber and Nynke

Who do you admire or find inspiring?
AB: Not one person in particular, but people who pursue something with passion and perseverance.
N: People who have a certain outlook on life and always teach others something. Also, people who are authentic and unique in what they do, something that comes from within themselves. This can be related to interior design, children's clothing, art, but also ways of living, birth coaching, passion for food, farming life, etc.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
AB: Teacher
N: Beautician or interior designer

What are the funniest moments you have experienced in the store?
Customers who bring a potty to the store and let their child poop in the middle of the store as part of potty training.

What is your favorite clothing item?
AB: Wide pants with leopard print.
N: In general, it's jackets. I have too many and yet I almost always wear the same one.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
We love good food. Blue cheese, hazelnut meringue pastries, good pasta dishes, well-filled fish salads, the delicious chicken salad from Miss Vino, sushi, good wines, and on Saturdays in the store, a sandwich called clown power from Haagens (chicken curry, cheese, pineapple baked in the oven), and the list goes on.

What is your favorite print from CarlijnQ?
This season, definitely the lemon print, but also the shuttle print. It makes us feel like going on a vacation!

What is a print you would like to add in a future collection?
Cheerful floral print.

Do you have any dreams?

  • A trip through Italy with lots of good food.
  • A vacation with our family.
  • Plenty of dreams, big and small, but also to stay healthy and enjoy everything!

Vlasstraat 11
9101 MX Dokkum
The Netherlands



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