CQ & Posh Baby & Kids

CQ & Posh Baby & Kids

Store: Posh baby & kids

Name: Ingrid

Beautiful colors, fine materials, a happy child. Nice and hip, or even better: 'very possy'!
That's why Ingrid Posh opened in Burgum in 2018 a store where you can walk in, look around or play.
Discover for yourself, or with Ingrid's style help, what will make your child happy.
Because that's what makes children shine, and Ingrid too.

Posh is a second home for Ingrid and her family. For daughter Sidney and son Beau, Posh was a candy store in the beginning.
It is now their second home where mom can always be found. Nice and easy, but sometimes also difficult, that passion of mom...

Who do you admire or find inspiring?
I don't admire anyone in particular. I wouldn't want to put anyone on a pedestal for what they do. I find it more important when people are genuine and authentic. Although, I do appreciate people who follow their heart and are willing to stand up for it.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
When I was very young, I wanted to be a teacher or a maternity nurse, something many girls might want to become at that age. Clearly, something to do with children!

What are the funniest moments you have experienced in the store?
Hmm... difficult question, every day is a party and funny! 😉

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
Coat(s), sweater

What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, licorice... I just don't feel guilty when I eat it...

What is your favorite print from CarlijnQ?
Boris, candy, lips

What is a print you would like to add in a future collection?
Boris in a different color? A theme at the waterside in the Netherlands, insects, fish, coot, tuorrebout (it's Frisian but I don't know the English name... 🙈)

Do you have any dreams?
Always keep dreaming, but sometimes only share them when they become reality.

Posh Baby & Kids
Lageweg 17
9251 JT Burgum
The Netherlands


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