CQ & Uwe

CQ & Uwe

Uwe Porters is a 30-year-old midwife and author of 2 books, "HELP ME DELIVER MY BABY" and "DELIVERED, AND NOW WHAT?"

Uwe has been a loyal CARLIJNQ customer from day 1 –  a true fan.

We would like to invite you to take a glimpse into her life.

Uwe Porters, mother of a girl Lexie, 6 and a boy Viggo, 3. She puts her whole heart into her profession and motherhood. Every day she starts with admiration for a new life.

Whom do you admire?

Above all, I admire women who stand for what they really want, who dare to express what gives them drive and motivation. Women who realize that vulnerability can become a force if you just dare to embrace it and act upon it. 

I am a midwife, and daily, I am confronted with fighting women, mothers whose hearts often take a beating. Still, each one keeps the world going, even though they barely can keep themselves going.

And after the corona crisis, my admiration for mothers all over the world has become evenmore prominent. 

What is your favorite clothing item?

Something versatile, a simple yet beautiful piece I can wear at home but also on a night out.   

I always feel great wearing a dress with a subtly open back or a jumpsuit of a perfect fit.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Watching TV shows like New Girl, Friends and Cougar Town with a bag of pickles chips.

Oh, and I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. That is why I hardly ever have a can or a bottle of it at home. If I buy it, I know it's sitting in my fridge. And I won't find peace before I drink it empty. 

What is your favorite print by CarlijnQ?

I'm in love with the heart print of the current collection.

When my daughter Lexie was just born, and CarlijnQ was just a starting out brand, I bought a pair of daisy print shorts. Boy, were those shorts beautiful!

Also, Lexie was a "milk" baby for the photoshoot of that collection. So, the collection is dear to my heart, and I'll never forget it.

And the blackbird print on the green base was fantastic. 

Do you have a print in mind that you'd like to see in our future collections?

Well, I immediately think of what inhabits my children's world at the moment – mermaids and small animals occupy Lexie's mind, while planets and the moon are Viggo's favorites.

But I like every CarlijnQ collection. I have the feeling that Carlijn knows very well what works and what mothers and kids like. 

I really hope the heart print will keep coming back here and there. And the lilac touch to this collection is so-so good.

Do you have dreams?

I’ve recently published my second book,"DELIVERED, AND NOW WHAT?" In this book, I continue the narration I began in my first book, "HELP ME DELIVER MY BABY." It mainly tells stories from the delivery room, especially about the soul work and the growing pains of a mother that appear just minutes after the delivery. It would be great if this book becomes popular in the Netherlands, a country that I sometimes too eagerly call my second home. Or maybe I'm allowed to say this as I live less than a kilometer from the border ;-)

And I mainly dream of freedom, open borders and having a spontaneous meeting with friends, having a glass of wine on a terrace. That would be nice too.

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