CQ & WOW kids concept store

CQ & WOW kids concept store

Anouk and Femma, two stepsisters, got a fabulous idea back in January 2020 – they decided to open a children's apparel store! They missed a beautiful space that would offer carefully curated, original and organic apparel for kids. 

After a long, tiresome and fruitless search for one, the sisters decided to create such a hub for all things awesome.  

It has become a wonderful shop on Zuivelplein 3a in Bergen op Zoom.


It's been an amazing adventure so far. By the way, both Anouk and Femma have 'regular' jobs on the side. Anouk works for her husband, who has a company in the events sector, while Femma holds a teaching position 3 days a week. Besides, they are full-time moms. Together, they have five daughters: Bo, Jente, Sue, Meis, and Kae. There is no doubt that Anouk and Femme are a power-duo and know what kids want to wear. 

Unique experience

On October 1, 2020, the WOW concept store opened its doors in Bergen op Zoom. The webshop was launched the same day.

WOW is not a regular apparel store. It offers a unique shopping experience both online and offline. For Anouk and Femma, it's essential that their customers get inspired and have fun while visiting their store. WOW customers can enjoy catwalks and a delicious candy bar at the brick-and-mortar, while online, they get a stylish dose of inspiration with a cool insta feed. WOW carries a broad range of unique, trendy brands, including, of course, CarlijnQ.

The sisters are big fans of the brand. Both love its signature fun colors and cheeky prints. The CarlijnQ's collections sell very well, they say. 

Good start

ANOUK: We opened on October 1st. We began our business in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis hoping it'd be over soon. 

FEMMA: We were a bit too naïve about the whole corona situation. But nevertheless, we're incredibly proud of what we've achieved so far. Looking back, we can surely say that we had a very good start!

Wow bag

The two sisters keep on being creative and have a lot of new ideas. For example, the WOW (Try It On) bag is the latest service. It's an exciting experience for mothers and kids, offering fun time together. WOW delivers to your doorsteps a well-stocked bag, a beautiful selection of four clothing sets that your child can try in the comfort of your home. The sets are put together with much care and love and with great attention to your preferences. All items from the sets can be mixed and matched. Also, the WOW team adds a few cool accessories to spicy things up.

The place to be

There may be many kids' apparel stores. But when you're looking for a unique shopping experience and fun time with your child, the WOW concept store is the place to be.

WOW kids concept store
Zuivelplein 3A
4611 NX Bergen op Zoom 
The Netherlands


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