CQ & Little Department Store

CQ & Little Department Store

Since 2014, Little Department Store (at Kleiweg 97A, Rotterdam) is the go-to for children's apparel with a unique flair. Little Department Store is different from all other shops.

Here, you'll find not the 'standard' clothing you see in the schoolyard, instead cool and original items by beautiful labels with a story. All items are sustainable and of high-quality, but at an affordable price.

I saw potential

Owner Brigitte: "I had been living in the Kleiwegkwartier (a neighborhood in Rotterdam) for a while when in 2017 I heard from the then-owner of the store that she wanted to close the shop. What a shame, I thought, and suddenly, I saw potential."

Brigitte has CarlijnQ's products in the store for the fourth season, and not only she but also her kids and customers love the clothes and the prints.

Cheerful and recognizable

The fabrics are of excellent quality and very wearable, while the prints are cheerful and recognizable, the true signature of the brand. The CarlijnQ's line does not get merely a spot in the shop; instead, it is showcased throughout the entire store and displayed beautifully by color.

Brigitte cannot wait for the winter collection's arrival as she has ordered so many gorgeous and cool products.

Cozy place in the neighborhood

For many returning customers, Little Department Store is more than a pretty shop. Brigitte: "The store also has a social function. For example, some customers come in for a chat. Parents who visit with children experience a relaxed and pleasant sphere."

"The greatest thing about Little Department Store? It's very accessible," notices Britte, who lives above the store and works there one day a week. Britte jokingly says that she got her job thanks to Takkie, a big toy-bench, which is daily placed outside the entrance. "I spotted Takkie one night outside the store. Accidentally, Brigitte forgot to put it inside. The next day, I came by in the morning to inform Brigitte, and I felt the nice vibe of the place. That moment I thought, I want to work here!"

Have fun shopping

Brigitte: "As far as I'm concerned, the Kleiwegkwartier has it all. It's like a small village in the middle of the city – friendly, good people, unique shops and a great atmosphere!"

If you are curious, visit the store or take a look at the webshop.

Have fun shopping!

Little Department Store
Kleiweg 97A
3051 GK Rotterdam
The Netherlands


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