CQ & Petozzi

CQ & Petozzi

A few years ago, we got a great idea to create a webshop offering beautiful brands that were not yet widely available in the Netherlands. No sooner said than done - we started an online store. While looking for great brands to represent, we came up with the shop's name (that was perhaps the most difficult part, but more about this later).

Upstairs in Geertje's (one of the founders) house, we had a small closet with the stock (yes, we could fit everything in one small closet) and downstairs in the pantry a packing table. After a few pop-up shops and Swan markets, we thought opening a physical store might be a good idea.

With great pleasure

CarlijnQ is one of the brands that we offer with great pleasure from day 1. It’s amazing to see that we have built up a regular customer base for CarlijnQ. When we announce a new collection is launched, the CarlijnQ fans are here and leave the shop with whole sets. CarlijnQ is well represented in the store. The line fits in nicely with other brands. It’s effortlessly easy to combine CarlijnQ’s clothing with other items to create many different outfits and looks.

Anoek & Geertje

We are Anoek and Geertje. We are nieces, almost neighbors, friends, and colleagues for a few years now. Anoek has the organizational talent; she ensures that the emails are answered, the bills are paid, and makes all kinds of dazzling overviews in Excel. Geertje is clearly less organized but has different talents; she is always looking for new, original items for the store and manages the social media accounts.

But what does Petozzi actually mean? Often people think it is an Italian word and pronounce it as Pe-to-see.


The truth is a lot less fancy. Petozzi is a southern Dutch dialect and means ‘a stew.’ It is also part of the expression 'wan petozzi,' which means 'what a mess' or 'mishmash'. With a great variety of beautiful brands and items we offer, we thought this was a tongue-in-cheek word to express what’s the shop is about and hint at our Brabant roots. So, you pronounce it as Pu-toz-see.


Petozzi stands for original, unique, sustainable and personal. We do our best to ensure that our webshop and store represent these values too. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our story, of course, we hope to welcome you to our store.

With love, Anoek & Geertje

Kruisstraat 10a
5211 DV Den Bosch
The Netherlands


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