CQ & Shay

CQ & Shay

Shanlynne but short for Shay

Names and age of kids:
My oldest is Adonay age 9 and my youngest Adonis age 6

Who do you admire?

When it comes to admiring a person or finding some one that inspires me, it has to be a person who sees the humanity in others. A person that cares about the world around us, a person that's passionate about helping and loving other humans. We live in such a saturated society where we only have access to the "happy" moments. Someone I truly admire are my children. They molded me to this person I thought I'd never be at from my darkest times, I admire them because I know one day they will change the world. They speak unfiltered truth and care deeply for those around them .

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My favorite piece of clothing has to either be overalls or a hoodie.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is actually something I'd love to change about myself that drains me as an artist... it's being a people pleaser. I'm constantly working on how I can have more boundaries for myself and energies. Another one is iced chai and naps 

What is your favorite print from CQ?

I honestly love all the prints! It's very hard to pick just one, to be I love how playful CQ is for a kids brand. I sometimes get sick of the seriousness and want my kids to enjoy what they wear. My kids love the upcoming 2 headed snake print and dragons. 

What is a print you would like to add in a future collection?

I think it would be amazing to have kids design something in a future collection! My kids are always drawing seven head creatures with wings ... think it would be fun to see a child's work as a print !


Do you have any dreams that you would like to do or experience?

My dream is to just be financially stable and create something great for the future generations of my family. I'd love to fix all the generational curses in my family and building something to leave for the next children. I hope to help communities and the less fortunate, I want my kids to also follow this.

One day I dream of having a modern home with lots of land in Spain or El Salvador... living off the produce I create and grow with my own two hands. I also dream of having my own kids store / coffee shop! Still manifesting and working hard to achieve this.


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