CQ & Corine

CQ & Corine

Corine Penders @vlinderinsjebuik

Names and age of kids:
Tess (8 years) and Finn (5 years)

Who do you admire?

My daughter; because of her determination. She has a disability and she has achieved a lot because of her willpower.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

I enjoy wearing pantsuits, but I also like jeans with a blouse and love comfortable, warm vests.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

At breakfast I always have a cup of chocolate milk. I get really upset when there is no carton of milk in the fridge and I enjoy watching a cringey soap opera once in a while.

What is your favorite CQ print?

There are several: the blackbird on a green background and the fish on the brique background. But the edelweiss too for example.


Why do your kids like CQ so much?

It is comfortable, it is hip, it stays beautiful after laundry: it is easy to combine and a number of items is unisex so that my son can wear my daughters clothes afterwards.


What is a print you would like to add in a future collection?

I love black and white dots and of course I do like to be surprised each season.


Do you have any dreams that you would like to do or experience?

Plenty of dreams: an office space at home for my webshop: www.vlindersinjebuik.eu

And in the future, it would be nice to work together with people with disabilities in my company.

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